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Long Balloon Flight

Cappadocia Balloon Tour, This flight is a little bit different from the standard flight, our area of take off varies depending on the whether conditions, thus both the route of the flight is kept longer and all of the beauties of the Cappadocia region are presented in front of your eyes. Before the sun rise in the morning, we pick up our guests from their respective hotels with our own vehicles and bring them to the balloon take off area. While you are enjoying our offers of small snacks and taking sips from your tea of coffee, we prepare our balloons in a safe manner. When our preparations are completed, our passengers take their places inside the basket and we take off after the safety briefing of our pilot. With the rise of the sun, all of the beauties of the region are now under your feet sometimes as if you are as close as to touch them, and sometimes with a bird’s eye view. The time of this flight is between 90 minutes to 120 minutes on an average provided that the whether conditions are as desired. After our flight is completed, we land to an appropriate area with the help of our landing team. With a small celebration party that we give in the area of landing, your flight certificates are provided which you could keep as a souvenir are presented to you. After this all of our passengers are dropped off at their respective hotels. Your being picked up from your hotels and benig dropped back at your hotels takes an average of 3 hours.

Departure: Pick up from Hotel in Cappadocia

Duration:2 Hours

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We pick you up from your hotel/hostel with our luxury vehicles (Mercedes Sprinter or Vito) and take you our launch site in the early morning. While you have your open buffet brekfast which includes coffee/tea and snacks,we prepare the balloons on the ground.You will have an oppurtunity to watch. The preparations take just 15 min. At around sunrise,our balloons begin to take off. They rise approximately 1000 feet to show you sunrise and extraordinary views of Cappadocia. Then they descend,float through valleys,between fairy chimneys and caves which you will have nice views to take pictures or videotape. The duration of this tour is between 1 h.15 min to 1 h.30 min. At the landing, we have a champagne toast service for you. A commemorative flight certificate and An original Goreme Balloons Cap is our gift for our distinguished passengers. (Just for internet booking makers) All our passengers are insured up to 1.000.000 EUR by Allianz. At about 8 am,our minibuses will take you back to your hotel/hostel. Your entire balloon adventure lasts about 3 hours.

Flights every day at sunrise Transfers to and from Balloon Excursion takes around 1.30 hours Outdoor clothing and comfortable shoes are recommended Campagne celebretion Flight certificate at landing

Personal Expenses

We arrange the wake-up call for the passengers at the hotel and transfer them to the take off site by ground-support vehicles. We have over 30 different take off pots which are used depending on the direction of the wind. As once the airborne the balloon will travel free with the wind. Preparation of take off process takes about 20 minutes, during which time the passengers are welcome to help or takes photos, at the same time they receive technical information and safety instructions for the flight. The flight lasts between 1 and 1 ½ hours. We do fly both low contour and high enough to view the whole landscape from above. After this spectacular experience we have a little champagne celebration on the ground. The temperature during the flight will be almost the same as the ground level. No age limits for this experience as the flight is very smooth and relaxing. All passengers are fully insured during the flight.

250,00 EUR

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