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Tukey and Faith Tourism for special tours offering the ,selling to the religious market.

Religious Tour Packages Turkey services and the needs of tourists traveling to the holy places and religious sites all around Turkey we have packages which covers ,for Bahai, Umrah Stopovers and Seven Churches .


Thank you very much for the travel arrangements to the Bahai house Edirne. ıt was a wonderful Trip. I will higly recomand you to my friend who Bahai.

Rafi S.



Thank you so much for providing such excellent service. The trip from Istanbul to the Bahai Holy place in Edirne was long but the guide made it appear as if it was not and we have long conversations about various places in Turkey along the way. The guide took us to a good restaurant after waiting patiently in the car. I would definitely recommend you to of all my Bahai friends.




ı have visited the Holy Places in Edirne many times. I have traveled privately with local friends, by bus and by tour guides.The service provided by was excellent. The guide was Murat. He is a professional host, punctual, polite, very considerate and over all a wonderful person to spend the day with . My Trip was memorable mostly due to his excellent service. I highly recommend anyone visiting Turkey, espicially if they have no previous experience to use their services. It is worth every dollar you pay.

Moujan Nosrat



We are Bahai, when we search tour to Bahai House Edirne we found you . Thank you very much for the travel arrangements to the Bahai house.we will recommend you to others. Thank You .




Thank you very much for the travel arrangements to Eiderne to the Baha\'i house. My husband Martin Minney and I were very pleased with the trip, and will not hesitate to recommend Dimple Travel to other Baha\'is who might travel to Turkey.
Laura Herzog

Laura Herzog