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Turkey Tours offers  combinated of Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troia,  Pergamon, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Antalya, Cappadocia and rest of Turkey Tours., If you would like to make tour package for the historical or natural sites in Turkey,you can benify from the packages which are follow.

inquiry for solo traveler

honnah lee panes



Gamze speaks perfect English understands the Needs of her customers and caters to the demands She is an expert is the are of istanbul s sights and sounds and reastaurants I have see her grow to be a She works and happy to help anyone more than she needs to do so.

Aruna C



The trip was more than we could have imagined for my wife and myself. We wanted to stay longer and next time we will. Thanks to Gamze .

William B.



when we search trip to Turkey for our holiday we found turkeytour.net you gave us quik reply to our e mails and thank you for recommadation to this summer promotion package, because of you we done budget and wonderful trip . n




thank you for your arrangement for our 5 days trip , we really enjoyed too much and we visited ancient site of the Turkey, but i wish we could have 2 more dayd for Cappadocia which you recomanded. i will definetly come again for Cappadocia tour. me and my family spend very nice time with you .and i bought too many apple tea which you offered us in your office Gamze. Keep in touch . i will highly recomand you to my friend.

Salva R.



Hello Gamzi, firstly thank you so much for the arrangment .i would like to say night bus journey is not bad, we really enjoyed, bus top many times it was Tv and İnternet :) we had very comfortable journey , i will highly recomanded you to my friends... thank you . Keep in touch , i bought too many apple tea :)) which you offered me in your office :)

Daniel D.



İf you are visiting to Turkey then you absolutelly should try this tour!! l loved the way that Ms. Gamze has organized the tour in detail. From the first day till the last day(6th day) was so much fun. l absolutelly recommend this tour!!!!

William Senkan



This tour was recommended to me by my friend Fernando who went to Turkey and taste this tour before me, I had joined I recommend it as well, especially, Touring and tour guide Mustafa was excellent. Also all transportation was on time, hotels were good, group was small and had a chance to find good friends.

Jonny Franky



Firstly, I was not sure about going to Turkey for my vacation but, I was searching a tour with the best availability, of course with the best price. While looking internet, I sent and e-mail to TURKEYTOUR.OR.
Miss, Gamze replied it suddenly and for a while we e-mailed eachother for details.

After 10 days, writing and finished my questions (Thanks God that she was in patience with me). Everything was how I wanted. And then decided to buy this tour and started to wait for the day to started my tour.

We started our vacation early in the morning from Istanbul and ended it in Istanbul lately, between those times, everything was perfect. I want to thank to Miss Gamze for helping us to organize my family trip in Turkey. I recommend this tour to everyone who would like or thinking to travel to Turkey.

Angelina Marques



Hi Nisha, i have done the tour of Ephesus, Pamukkale and Pergamon with this company (Miss Gamze who help us for ours unforgetable tour package)

We were searching a tour company to do ours programme in Turkey, because Ephesus, Pamukkale, Pergamon ancient cities were recommended by one of my frien. Who has done this tour by himself and said that it's better to make it with a help of one company and we search and find to turkeytour.net (She is perfect about this)

We paid for whole the package than start to wait with excitement for the day of the tour of starting. Then the day had been come and we started. First step of the tour was pick up from hotel which was on time. Than arrival point was Izmir, when you arrive in Izmir airport, one of staff of turkeytour.net was waiting there than this was also on time. Everything was on time all the arragement.

The hotel we stayed, was greate. The tour guide during the tour was explaining everything one by one and giving us, time to take picture, asking question and than continue to other point to wisit. She was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.

I explain too much but i want to inform you about greate service which we had. Now i want to inform you about price we paid 520 EUR per person. We were 5 person will stayed in one double and one triple room in 4 stars hotel.

I wish this can give you some idea about price, about services.

Anjoy your trip

Rebecca Hatton