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A General Introduction To Turkey

The Part of Turkey situated in Asia is called Anatolia,and European region to the south of the Balkan peninsula is called Thrace.Also known as Asia Minor ,Anatolia makes up about 97% of Turkey's land mass,and nearly 90% of the population live in this part.This rectangular-shaped land extends from Asia to the West,and is a natural passage between the continents of Asia and Europe.Furthermore,because it stands at a point where those two continents and Africa are closest to each other,it is a connecting point between the three continents.This strategic location,in this role of intercontinental bridgehead,has,throughout history,ensured that Anatolia has remained of geo-poitical and socio-economic importance.It is due to that fact that this land,starting from the Palaeolithic Age (nearly 2 million to 10 thousand years ago),has seen many different settlements.

We requested a short trip on a few days notice. And it was well arranged. Specially during Christmas when there are lots of tourists I am glad I booked my tour with them. Its safe and your queries are responded immediately on mssg. Really grateful Regards

Saba Ahmed



Istanbul is very nice city and yes i agree capital of the World . The city is living 24 hrs and 7 days a week. Wonderful Istanbul. İ highly suggest to visit Istanbul to everyone

Margaret Awad C.