The minerals contained in the hot spring of Pamukkale, set on the slopes of the ancient Hieropolis city, help cure heart, circulation and neurological disorders. Damlatas cave, near Alanya, contains air highly beneficial to asthma sufferers.

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Beacuse of geological and morphological structure of its soil, Turkey is extremely rich in therapeutic waters. There are almost 1300 varietes of these waters, hot and cold, whose curative qualities have been celebrated since antiquity. One of the best known is, of course, Pamukkale. Pamukkale is an extraordinary sight. The white travertines have formed bright white basins fed by hot springs rich in minerals, which fall in cascades along cliffs. One of the most important healt centres in Turkey is the Yalova Spa. The baths of Sandikli in the Afyon area and Balcova and Cesme in the İzmir area, are also considered to have curative qualities for diseases of the digestion system, rheumatism and kidney disorders. The Damlatas cave in Alanya is highly recommended for asthmatics, while the forests around Edremit Bay, with their low humidity and rich oxygen supply, are recommended for people suffering from respiratory diseases.


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