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Istanbul by Walls

The Old Istanbul peninsula is surrounded by the old walls like a triangle. The walls, with a length of around 22 km, date back to the 5th century during the Roman era.

Departure: Istanbul

Duration:7 Hrs

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Fener (The Greek Orthodox District)

Balat to Tekfur Palace ( Palace of the Porphyrogenitus): This is the only palace that has survived from the Byzantine Era up to now. Balat is located on the southern shores of the Golden Horn. It is one of the Jewish districts where Jews were resettled during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

Anemas Dungenos: Prison of anemas is a large Byzantine building attached to the walls of the city of Constantinople.

Chora Church : The majority of the fabric of the current building dates from 1077-1081, when Maria Dukaina, the mother in law of Alexius I Comnenus, rebuilt Chora Church a popular architectural style of the time. Early in the 12th century.

Panorama 1453

Samatya Square


Yedikule Dungeons ( Turkish Yedikule Hisari, in Greek, Heptapyrgion; meaning Fortress of the Seven Towers) is located in the Yedikule neighbourhood of Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey. It was built in 1458 by adding three new towers to a section of the Walls of Constantinople which included the Golden Gate.

Byzantine City Wall
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