Dive into Adventure: 2 Days Gallipoli and Snorkeling Tour from Istanbul!

Immerse yourself in history at Gallipoli and embrace the thrill of snorkeling on this 2 days tour from Istanbul. Book now and make unforgettable memories!

2 Days Gallipoli and Snorkeling Tour Package from Istanbul Itinerary

Join us on a captivating 2-day journey to Gallipoli, a voyage that seamlessly intertwines the tales of the past with the mysteries of the sea. Explore the historic battlegrounds where heroism once reigned supreme and pay tribute to the valiant. Then, dip into the depths of the sea at ANZAC Cove, immersing yourself in a world teeming with aquatic wonder. This tour is a harmonious blend of historical immersion and underwater adventure, promising an experience that will linger in your memories for a lifetime. Book your adventure now and let history and the sea whisper their tales to you.

Day 1: Journey to Gallipoli - A Historical Exploration

  • 06:00 AM - 07:00 AM: Pick-up from your hotel or hostel door in the Taksim or Sultanahmet area.

  • 07:00 AM: Departure for Eceabat in a comfortable, non-smoking, A/C minibus.

  • 12:20 PM: Arrival in Eceabat, followed by a delightful lunch to prepare for the day.

  • 01:00 PM - 06:00 PM: Fully guided Gallipoli tour, exploring:

    • Brighton Beach
    • Beach Cemetery
    • ANZAC Cove
    • Ariburnu Cemetery
    • ANZAC Commemorative Site
    • Respect to Mehmetcik Statue
    • Lone Pine Australian Memorial
    • Johnston's Jolly
    • Turkish and Allied trenches and tunnels
    • Turkish 57th Infantry Regiment Cemetery
    • The Nek
    • Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial
  • 06:00 PM: Return to Eceabat, check into your hotel, and unwind from a day filled with historical insights.

This well-organized itinerary ensures a comprehensive exploration of Gallipoli's historical sites, providing ample time for reflection and relaxation at the end of the day.

Day 2: Snorkeling Adventure and Departure

  • Early Morning: Open buffet breakfast to energize for the day.

  • Morning Activity: Snorkeling Adventure

    • Depart for ANZAC Cove for an exciting snorkeling adventure.
    • Snorkeling gear provided, including fins and masks.
    • Explore the underwater world and discover a WW1 shipwreck at a depth of 3-4 meters.
  • Around 01:00 PM: Leave ANZAC Cove and return to Eceabat.

  • Afternoon: Departure Preparation

    • Freshen up and prepare for departure to your next destination (Selcuk, Kusadasi, or Istanbul).
  • If Returning to Istanbul:

    • 05:30 PM: Tourist bus departs for the journey back to Istanbul.

This well-organized itinerary ensures you make the most of your morning with an exciting snorkeling adventure, providing a refreshing experience before your departure to the next destination. If returning to Istanbul, the tourist bus departure time is scheduled for a comfortable and timely journey.


  • This well-organized itinerary, available during the summer period, ensures you make the most of your morning with an exciting snorkeling adventure before your departure to the next destination. If returning to Istanbul, the tourist bus departure time is scheduled for a comfortable and timely journey.

Inclusions of 2 Days Gallipoli and Snorkeling Tour Package from Istanbul

  • Transportation: Istanbul to Eceabat
  • Accommodation: 1 Nights in Canakkale with Breakfast
  • Full Day Gallipoli Tour: Transportation, Guidance, Lunch Included
  • Snorkeling Tour

Exclusions of 2 Days Gallipoli and Snorkeling Tour Package from Istanbul

  • International Flights to Turkey: Please note that the package does not include international flights to Turkey. Travelers are responsible for arranging their own flights to and from Turkey
  • Personal Travel Insurance: To ensure a worry-free journey, we recommend securing personal travel insurance that covers unforeseen circumstances such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and lost luggage.
  • Visa for Turkey: Travelers are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa to enter Turkey. Ensure that you have the required travel documents well in advance of your departure. Check with the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country for visa requirements.
  • Personal Expenses: While the package covers a range of services, please budget separately for personal expenses such as souvenirs, additional meals, and any optional activities or excursions not included in the itinerary.

Pick-up and Drop-off Details 2 Days Gallipoli and Snorkeling Tour Package from Istanbul

  • Convenient Pick-up: From your hotel or hostel in Istanbul.

Unveiling Gallipoli: A 2 Days Adventure Worth Every Moment

Embarking on a 2 days journey to Gallipoli and experiencing the mesmerizing snorkeling adventure is a voyage into both history and the depths of the sea. This tour, perfectly curated for history enthusiasts and sea lovers alike, promises an unforgettable adventure from Istanbul.

Stepping into History's Embrace

As you set foot on the Gallipoli Peninsula, a profound sense of history surrounds you. The hallowed grounds of ANZAC Cove, where the ANZAC forces landed during World War I, echo the bravery and sacrifice of those who came before us. Walking through Brighton Beach and Beach Cemetery, you feel a connection to the past that words can't quite capture.

The memorials stand as timeless witnesses; each one tells a unique story of heroism and honors the fallen. The Lone Pine Australian Memorial, Johnston's Jolly, Chunuk Bair New Zealand Memorial—all invite reflection and pay homage to the soldiers who fought valiantly.

Diving into Adventure at ANZAC Cove

On the second day, the adventure takes a different turn. Snorkeling at ANZAC Cove offers an opportunity to witness history from a different perspective—below the sea's surface. Floating above the remnants of a WW1 shipwreck, you can feel the pulse of time.

The crystal-clear waters and marine life create an enchanting world to explore. With snorkel in hand, you'll dive into an aquatic realm, a stark contrast to the historical sites of the day before.

Why This Tour Will Leave You Captivated

The blend of historical immersion and exhilarating snorkeling makes this tour a remarkable experience. It's a unique chance to walk in the footsteps of the past and swim in the embrace of the sea. The serenity of the memorials and the vibrant marine life provide a profound sense of connection—to history and to nature.

Every moment in Gallipoli is a testament to courage, a deep dive into history, and an adventurous splash into the unknown. Don't miss the opportunity to be enthralled by both the tales of the fallen and the secrets of the sea.