Journey through Time: Istanbul's Islamic Sahaba Tour

Explore the profound legacy of the Islamic Sahaba in Istanbul. Visit historic sites and mosques where the companions of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.V.) left their mark. Delve into the spiritual richness of this unique tour, connecting with the revered companions who played a crucial role in the early days of Islam. Book your transformative experience and trace the footsteps of the Sahaba in the heart of Istanbul's cultural tapestry.

Islamic Religious Sahaba Day Tours Istanbul Itinerary

Experience a deeply spiritual exploration with our Private Sahaba Day Tour. Beginning at 10:00 AM and concluding at 13:00 PM, this exclusive tour is meticulously designed to allow dedicated time for prayers at each significant site. Traverse through the historical landmarks of Istanbul.Embark on a reverent journey as we visit the following esteemed tombs during our Private Sahaba Day Tour in Istanbul:

  • Tomb of Eyup El Ensari (RA)
  • Mosque of Eyup El Ensari (RA)
  • Cable Car to Pierre Lotti Hill
  • Tomb of Hz. Ebu’d Derda
  • Tomb of Hz. Ka’b
  • Tomb of Hz. Ebû Şeybe el-Hudri
  • Tomb of Hz. Ahmed el-Ensâri
  • Tomb of Hz. Muhammed el-Ensâri
  • Tomb of Hz. Câbir bin Abdullah el-Ensâri
  • Tomb of Hz. Ebû Zer el-Gıfârî
  • Tomb of Hz. Şu’be
  • Tomb of Hz. Amr bin Âs
  • Tomb of Hz. Süfyân bin Uyeyne

Each site holds profound historical significance, offering a unique glimpse into the lives of revered companions. Join us on this exclusive tour for a day filled with spiritual enrichment and cultural exploration.


Please note that on Mondays, most of the tombs are closed, and as a result, our Private Sahaba Day Tour is not available on this day. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you on the tour on other days of the week for a meaningful and enriching experience.

Includes of Islamic Sahaba Tour in Istanbul

  • Private Car and Driver: Enjoy the comfort of a private vehicle and dedicated driver throughout the tour.
  • English-Speaking Tour Leader: Benefit from insightful commentary and guidance from our experienced English-speaking tour leader.
  • Cable Car: Experience a scenic journey with the included cable car ride.

Excludies of Islamic Sahaba Tour in Istanbul

  • Personal Expenses: Please note that personal expenses are not covered in the tour package.
  • Lunch: While the tour encompasses various experiences, lunch is not included, allowing you the flexibility to choose and enjoy meals according to your preferences.

Pick-up and Drop-off Details of Islamic Sahaba Tour in Istanbul

  • 10:00 AM pick-up from your hotel in Istanbul.
  • 13:00 PM drop you to your hotel in Istanbul.

Islamic Sahaba Tour in Istanbul Highlights

Embark on a profound journey with our Private Sahaba Day Tour, where each moment resonates with historical significance. Explore the sacred Tomb and Mosque of Eyup El Ensari, ascend Pierre Lotti Hill via a scenic Cable Car, and pay homage to revered companions like Hz. Ebu’d Derda, Hz. Ka’b, and Hz. Ebû Şeybe el-Hudri. With carefully curated stops, including the remarkable Tomb of Hz. Ahmed el-Ensâri and the historical Tomb of Hz. Amr bin Âs, this exclusive tour offers a deep connection to Islamic heritage. Join us for a day of spiritual discovery and cultural enrichment.